Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Update on Lucas

Lucas had recently visited the ER. When the doctor was asking for the history, I realized that there are some health concerns that have been resolved:
  • Hirschsprung's - resolved
  • Congenital heart disease - resolved
  • Weight - Lucas is 11 kgs
  • VUR - on Cephalexin, previously on Cefixime
When he saw his pediatrician, the doctor's instructions are to stop taking Heraclene, Pediasure and VCO. The rate of Lucas' weight gain is so fast. To prevent it from going over, the doctor advised to lessen the other supplements given to him. This is quite a breakthrough!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Rafa's ER Experience

It was Black Saturday, we are home and playing.

Rafa started to complain about a tummy ache.
I initially thought he needed to poop and put him on the seat several times. No poop and the pain did not go away.

We called our pedia and she advised to apply hot compress with instructions that if it does not get better, we should go to the ER.

I brought my mom to the church for her service. On the way back, my hubby is calling that we are going to the ER since the pain would not go away. When he finally removed Rafa's pants to wash him up before going to the hospital, he saw a BULGE. My husband has an inkling as to what he saw.

His suspicions were confirmed by the doctors.

Here Rafa is given a dose of sedative. The doctors want to sedate him so that he will not feel when they manually reduce the hernia.
Diaper cover to secure the line
After the manual reduction done by our beloved Dr. Almonte, Rafa was able to sleep.
In the pre-anesthesia room, waiting to be wheeled-in the OR
In the recovery room, waiting for the anesthesia to wear-off. He was on bed 6 but stayed mostly in my arms.
Chose his gear for post operation nebulization. He was very cooperative all throughout.
Got out the same night. Thank You, Jesus for always being in control. It was a very successful surgery. God is great!