Monday, May 25, 2009

Pictures from Bill and Che's Wedding

Simulating the march that did not happen
naglakad naman sa aisle, wala lang yung arrhae
he'd take the pews any day
battery running low
warning: battery is low
with darling
second wind with kuya Joaquin and Tita Trina
members of the entourage
the bearers
i'm hungry! takbo na po ako sa reception!
yehey! we are here!
hi, i'm rafa! nice to meet you.
cerojales family
with darling

with my one and only Nanay

Friday, May 22, 2009

Rafa at work

Rafa and his video cam

Rafa and his Megabloks

His first snapshot

Playtime with Lucas

Brushing his teeth

Rafa is two

I can still remember quite vividly the day I gave birth to my eldest son. I had lain my back for 12 hours waiting for labor to progress. I cannot believe it has been two years since that time!

Rafa is now a sweet and loving kuya to his baby brother Lucas. Whenever Lucas is crying, he tries his best to appease him by offering a toy. There were instances he had to run back to the room several times just to get the perfect pacifier. When Lucas arrives from a doctor's appointment, he would rush to him and give his brother's leg a peck. He knows he is not allowed to kiss other body parts.

At two, he has lots of tricks. He loves to dance, even if it is just to his Ate Michelle humming. He sings along with whatever is on the radio. I think his current favorite is Bugoy's Pano Na Kaya. You should see him perform with his guitar. A true musician at heart! His most recent acquired skill is to play the tambourine. He usually sees a man play the instrument during the Mass. When we showed him a real one at home, he naturally knew how to play it.

He also devours his books. Just last night he started to cry when we told him that it was bed time and he has to put away his books. He enjoys looking for pictures of objects. When I asked him to look for something, he doesn't stop until he finds it. Once, I asked him to look for the duck. He turned the page, so I thought he was no longer interested. After a few pages, he pointed at a DUCK! He knew there were ducks in the other part of the book! I am so proud of my boy! He is so smart and eager to learn!

Another anecdote on Rafa: He has a set of books that comes with a box. After playing with them, he puts the books back and makes sure they are facing the same direction =) He also wipes his flash cards and sweeps the floor from time to time!

Here is one of his recent videos:


To my son, Happy birthday! Nanay loves you so much!