Monday, March 19, 2012

Welcome Johan Andres

I could not believe it took me more than a month to post anything again! Obviously, we have been busy this side of the world. I have to be honest though, the dates of the posts of my other boys are not true. I think Andres' birth account release is the earliest. Without further ado, here goes:

  • 0330 bloody show
  • 0400 observing if there are contractions, there were some but not consistent, tried to sleep but couldn't since I was trying to observe my body
  • 0500 decided to take a bath. this took some time since there are contractions
  • 0600 sent my OB-GYN a message. having contractions within 10 minute intervals
  • 0610 ate breakfast
  • 0650 go to the hospital
  • 0730 found out I'm 5cm dilated and 90% effaced
After this I don't have any idea of the time. I just know I squirmed in pain and prayed that the anesthesiologist hurry up in giving my epidural. Since not all pregnancies and deliveries are the same, the epidural seemed to take its own sweet time to effect! The doctors were expecting for the meds to lessen my pain but as far as my facial expression is concern, the pain is definitely a 10. For the first time I was given a mask for oxygen. I had to ask why since this never happened before. They just told me it was for the baby. Of course I complied. Anything for my little one. After I calmed down. They left me. Suddenly, my bag broke! People rushed back in my unit. I could hear one calling the OB-GYN and others yelling to prepare the DR. I was still in pain and too exhausted to do anything. I just let them do all the work and brought me to the delivery room. My doctor came, and I was ready to push. After the first lame push, I gave to hard ones and out came our JOHAN ANDRES screaming his lungs out at 9:49am.

Well done my boy! Thank you Lord for helping us. For the record, this is the most painful delivery for me.

Vital Statistics:
APGAR score: 9-9
weight: 6 lbs 6 oz
height: 48 cm
blood type: A+