Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2001 Richwell Warehouse Sale - new venue

Just heard from Richwell that they are having the warehouse sale again and I scoured the net looking for details and here is what I found.

Thanks to for the info :)

Please note that the location is different. This saddens me a bit since I am much nearer Calle Industria. Oh well, a new place to conquer. Hope we get great finds for our little ones :) Enjoy shopping and Happy Christmas!!!

2011 LJS Annual Bodega Sale

For expecting parents and those with little ones...

Hope I can still go to this one.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Luc's 40th Day

until we meet again... we love you lukie!

Discharge Summary / Clinical Abstract: Sept 12-15, 2011

Here are some of the details of the  clinical abstract of Lucas' last confinement:

Date of Admission: 12-SEP-2011
Date of Discharge: 15-SEP-2011

Attending Physician: Agnes Alarilla-Alba

Referral Doctor/s:
Ma. Neva Luna Cutanda Batayola-Ranollo
Dexter Eugene Dyogi Cheng

Reason for Admission: Vomiting

Significant Physical and Other Findings
Temp: 38.7 HR 128 RR 28 BP 90/60; Slightly sunken eyeballs, clear breath sounds, low set ears, widely spaced eyes, regular cardiac rhythm, (+) GR3/6 murmur, soft abdomen, hyperactive bowel sounds, full pulses

Diagnosis: Final
Severe myocarditis with myocardial dysfuntion secondary to severe dengue shock syndrome; pneumonia severe with severe pulmonary artery hypertension; hypovolemia severe secondary to acute gastroenteritis and severe dehydration

Significant Diagnoses/Co-morbidities (secondary diagnoses)
Trisomy 21; Hirschsprung's disease

Procedures performed
Blood Examinations: CBCPC, Sodium, Potassium, Blood Culture, Magnesium chloride
Urine Test: Urinalysis
IVF: Plain LR, Plain NSS
Medications: Paracetamol, Zinc, Erceflora, Ceftriaxone, Salbutamol, Epinephrine, Dopamine, Dobutamine

Course in the ward:
Upon admission, patient was hooked to IV fluids. Laboratory exams were done. Patient was initially started on mild hydration. On the first hospital day, patient had episodes of loose stools. Patient's skin was noted to be mottled, and had signs of dehydration. IV fluids were infused. Despite fluid resuscitation, patient had persistent signs of dehydration. Ceftriaxone was started. Referral to pediatric intensive care was done and patient was subsequently transferred to pediatric ICU for closer monitoring.

On the first PICU day, patient was noted to have coughing episodes and tachypnea. Chest x-ray were done. Salinase drops were started, and secretions were suctioned as needed.

On the second PICU day, patient had decreased amount and frequency of stools. Repeat CBC was suggestive of Dengue Fever. Patient was tachycardic, with flushed skin, with harsh breath sounds, bibasal rales, full pulses, and wrm extremities. Patient was diagnosed to have dengue fever with warning signs. Pneumonia and compensated shock secondary to severe dehydration secondary to acute gastroenteritis.

On third PICU day, patient was noted to have increasing tachypnea with desaturations. Patient was intubated and started on dopamine drip. ABG was done, Vitamin K was given. Agressive fever control was done. Chest x-ray showed progression of bilateral pneumonia with confluent densities at the right upper and middle lobes.

At 6:20am, patient was hypotensive and persistently febrile and tachycardic. He had no urine output and pulses were weak.
At 6:50am, patient went into asystole. CPR was started, epinephrine was administered every 3 minutes, as well as sodium bicarbonate. At 7:10am, sinus rhythm was regained. Dopamine, dobutamine and epinephrine drips were maintained.
At 7:30am, patient again went into asystole. CPR was done but there was no response after 40 minutes.
Patient was pronounced dead at 8:10am.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Luc, the dancer

Here is another video clip of Luc's love of music. This was shot just last August.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thank you for your prayers and support

It has been four weeks since our baby went up to heaven. We would like to thank everyone who has been with us in this journey.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Birthday Tarp

Thank you, Tita Erika for this super cute tarp. Lucas had gone up to heaven 2 days before his birthday to celebrate with Jesus. They might have made a replica of this tarp there.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

A Narration of Events - Lucas

For those people who were far away and did not hear what happened. Here it is.

Saturday - September 10
  • Early evening, he had fever and threw up his milk
  • Throughout the night he had 6 more vomits
  • It broke our hearts but we could not give him milk even if he asked since his body rejects it
Sunday - September 11
  • We called his pedia and were instructed to rehydrate orally and gave paracetamol for the fever
  • He is able to tolerate a little milk but we think he is not receiving enough so we decided to bring him to the hospital to rehydrate
Monday - September 12
  • Officially got admitted in TMC
  • All the lab results looked viral
  • No more vomits but had excessive watery bowel movements; Just for the a half day, there were around 11 diapers with around 2 linen changes
Tuesday - September 13
  • His feet are cold and he is extremely thirsty
  • The doctors put him on a fast drip, 3rd generation antibiotics and transferred him to the PICU
Wednesday - September 14
  • Doctor told us he had hypovolemic shock yesterday that was resolved. He can still have another shock due to dengue
  • We are now looking at dengue and pneumonia
  • Not much change, still thirsty.
  • He is heavier and bloated due to the fluids in his body.
  • I was able to carry him when we changed his clothes (how i miss hugging my boy!)
  • I went home to see my older son.
  • Around 10pm - 12mn, there were a fury of activities, suctions, nebulization but still Lucas had a hard time breathing and his O2
Thursday - September 15
  • He needed to be intubated
  • Biboy called me and I started praying
  • Around 330 am, Biboy called me to go to the hospital
  • The consultant is on her way as well
  • When I got there, a lot of medical staff are in Luc's cubicle
  • They called the cardio as well
  • Lucas coded for the first time when the cardio came
  • They were able to revive and stabilize him
  • They did a 2D echo
  • They found out that the valves of the heart are leaking and the right side is not pumping well. This is the reason for the low O2 saturation
  • We were told that all the medicines to correct this condition are all being given to Lucas and it would be up to the body to respond
  • Lucas coded for the second time. The doctors explained that they will try to revive for 30 minutes but beyond that, the brain would have been without O2 for a long time.
  • They tried to revive him until the last dose of the meds. They did it for around 40 minutes before they declared his time of death 8:10am
  • They removed all the lines and tubes.
  • We got to carry his lifeless body. It was so heavy.
  • Jesus took our baby two days before his third birthday. Finally freed him from all the pain and suffering.
...I long to depart this life and be with Christ, [for] that is far better. Yet that I remain [in] the flesh is more necessary for your benefit. - Phil 1:23-24

We love you Lucas! We miss you so so much!

Lucas at work

For those who know us personally can say this blog is not updated. I just don't know what to put in here. Anyway here is a video of our beloved Luc.

We love you baby! We miss you so much!