Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Ondoy: The Morales Account

Our Sept 26 Schedule:

9-10 am Cambridge
1030-12 nn Lucas' Therapy
12-130 pm Lunch and Travel to PCMC
2pm 2D Echo

or so we thought ...

9 am Cambridge
10 am Bring Lola to church
1030 am Drive - thru at Jollibee - Rotonda

This is the receipt of our drive-thru meal before getting stranded. I was not able to keep the day's newspaper. It must have been soaked in flood water inside the car.

After bringing Tatay to Cambridge and Lola to church, Rafa and I did not not get the chance to pick up Lucas for his therapy. At around 10-11 am, we were asked to park in front of South Star Drug in C. Raymundo cor. F. Legaspi. According to the people in the area, we will just get stuck if we try to cross even further.

Around 1pm, the flooring of the driver side is wet. It was time for us to leave the car. Got out through the passenger side, carrying a hooded-Rafa, my bag, and 2 of Tatay's shirts.

Stayed in the store until past 7pm when our ride arrived. No pictures were taken since I was not sure when help will arrive and I only have 1 bar on my cellphone.