Monday, July 23, 2012

school stuff

Here are some stuff from school: name tag, awesome behavior card, sword of St. Ignatius with drawings of things Rafa is thankful for (food, fish with water, policeman, car, and family -- notice that tatay, nanay and lucas are on the other side of the door. According to him, Tatay and Nanay are working and Lucas is helping them.)

weekend pics

I'm so bad at posting but much worse at taking pictures. Sorry for the blurred photos but those are the clearest in my stash. Just want to take some so that we can document his growth. This boy is super talkative. He even tries to engage the portrait of San Josemaria Escriva in a conversation ;)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Heaven Is For Real

Got a book from my sister for my birthday. She told me I should read this book and be at peace with Luc's passing.

Just finished the book yesterday. It was an easy read. I'm not much of a reader but I finished it in a day. Hope you get to read it, especially if you have lost a loved one or is afraid of death.

Some bits I remember are how Jesus shoots power at Colton's dad, Todd, when he is about to speak during Sunday service; how Jesus is answering the dad's prayer that is why Colton is sent back; the little girl who is the unborn sister who has no name since the parents did not name her. Oh my! For those who had miscarriages, please give your children their names. I love how Colton reassured a dying man that it will be okay and that the first person who will meet him is Jesus :)

When I was telling this to my husband, he recalled that Lucas kept standing up and trying to reach something or someone behind my husband. Maybe, Jesus is already picking up Lucas at that time, waiting for him. I am sure my baby did not feel any pain during his last hours because Jesus carried him all the way.

Get your copies now!

Thanks Todd Burpo for writing this and for everyone who made it possible for it to be published. God bless you all.

first day as a kinder boy