Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Luc's flowers

Early this morning, Luc's godfather was asking me where I was. He then told me he got flowers for Lucas. I don't usually bring a car to work but for some reason, I had one with me today. During my lunch break, I went to visit. I have not tried to put flowers on top of his crypt since it was usually my husband's task. On my way in, one of the caretakers greeted me and offered to put the flowers :) Wow! Luc made sure he will get his flowers alright :D Hope you liked the flowers, baby! Offer some prayers for your godparents who sent them.

Sunday Photos

Mustered some guts to ask for a souvenir photo with one of the greatest point guards in Philippine basketball. Another picture with uber adorable Marcus. Rafa wants his scribbles captured, a Morales trait indeed!

Just remembered, the yellow room in Rafa's picture is the place where we shot Rafa and Luc's last picture together.

FREE SURGERY - thyroid, gall bladder, hemorrhoids and hernia

I got this from a friend. It might be an answered prayer for someone you know.
Any indigent patients you know who need surgery for thyroid, hemorrhoids, gallbladder and hernia. There will be FREE SURGERY from Oct to Dec. Just refer the patient to Dr. Sherry Lee at Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Medical Arts Building 3. Room 476, Monday - Saturday, 10am - 12nn.
You may call 727.0001 to confirm.
God bless!