Thursday, April 25, 2013

April 14

posing while watching the airplanes
waiting to board
last picture before we hurry to a different gate
family picture
reviewing the instructions for a water landing
lining up to ride the shuttle bus for immigration and our luggage
with Mamita
one shot before we head out of the airport to catch the bus to the city

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Travel Tips for Hong Kong

Our family recently visited Hong Kong and would like to share some tips for future travellers. I would not take credit for everything written here. Pinoy exchange is a great site to get tips.  Most, if not all the tips in this post, I got from this site

  1. Travel light. This will make you enjoy your trip much more especially in a fast paced city like Hong Kong.
  2. Get an octopus card. Especially if you are a lone traveller, a cab would be an expensive means of transport while the train might be just as convenient. You may get your octopus card behind the door with "NOTHING TO DECLARE" sign, after getting your luggage from the baggage carousel. Please remember that there are special octopus cards for children and senior citizens. Children below 3 are free of charge. You may reload your card at 7 eleven stores which are conveniently located around Hong Kong. 
  3. Stay at a hotel near the MTR station to minimize walking. 
  4. You can get discounted tickets through China Travel Service or you may inquire at your hotel/hostel if they have discounted tickets.
  5. Don't make your itinerary too tight. Provide allowances for delays especially if you are travelling with kids and elderly.
  6. Try to make your trip longer to be able to enjoy Hong Kong better. A 3-day 2-night trip might be more costly since the airfare would be quite steep for such a short stay. There are some nice places to visit at a minimal fee or sometime no cost at all.
  7. Be prepared for the weather. Hong Kong has four seasons. You may check the forecast for your trip to gear up for the weather accordingly.
  8. For those who are going to Hong Kong for the sale, the best time to go is around July to August. If you are going there for the cool weather, November - early March would be the time to go.
  9. Check for the holidays to avoid crowds in the park during peak season. The accommodation would also be a little higher during these periods. 
  10. For those who need to change their Philippine peso to Hong Kong dollar, there are legitimate money changers in Manila. You may change some just so to be able to purchase your octopus cards and go to money changers in Hong Kong. If you are a BDO account holder, you may request to change it through the bank but pre-order is necessary. You would need photocopy of your passport and ticket.

Family Time at Hong Kong Disneyland

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Maundy Thursday

Every year, we visit seven churches to join the journey of Jesus thousands of years ago in His passion. There is also a vigil which commemorates His agony in the garden when He asked for His apostles to keep vigil.

We did not plan our itinerary. We just thought of taking a different route. We ended up with 3 new churches (meaning, first time visits),3 first time Visita Iglesia churches (first time to visit for the stations of the cross) and our staple church, where our baby's remains rest.

Another new thing this year is that the reflections of the stations of the cross were from Mary's perspective. As a mother, I related to her feelings. I admire Mary's obedience. She is definitely full of grace. She is no ordinary lady.