Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dipyridamole-Thallium Scan Prices

I would rather be researching for the prices of the newest cars but my mandate today is to look for the best rate for the Dipyridamole-Thallium Scan in the metro. You see, last year, my mom had an angioplasty. Doctors tried to restore blood flow using balloons and stents. It has been a year since and they need to check the condition of the arteries.

For the uninitiated, Dipyridamole-Thallium Scan (Dip-Thall) is a myocardial perfusion study: it looks at blood supply to the heart muscle while under the relative stress of dipyridamole, which causes the coronary arteries to slightly and temporarily constrict (become narrower). Thallium is the radio-isotope used to "light up" the blood cells.

As always, I hope no one is in need of this list but in case you do, here is what I got:

Hospital / Clinic: Asian Hospital and Medical Center
Price: approximately Php 24,000; Senior: Php 19,808
Contact Numbers:771.9000

Hospital / Clinic: Capitol Medical Center
Price: Php 12,690* without medicine (roughly Php 1,000) 
Contact Numbers:372.3825 to 44 local 1225

Hospital / Clinic: Cardinal Santos Medical Center
Price: Php 24,934* +1,600 for doctor's fee
Contact Numbers: 727.0001 local 4204 or 727.5793 by appointment

Hospital / Clinic: Makati Medical Center
Price: Php 19,500; Senior: 16,915.94
Note: Need to pay the whole procedure. Might need to come back for the test
Contact Numbers:8888.999 local 3301 to 03

Hospital / Clinic: Philippine Heart Center
Price: Php 16,900; Senior: Php 14,960
Contact Numbers:925.2401 local 2164/2165

Hospital / Clinic: St. Lukes Medical Center (Global City)
Price: Php 19,845; Senior: Php 18,900
Contact Numbers:789.7700 local 1004/1152

Hospital / Clinic: St. Lukes Medical Center (Q.C.)
Price: Php 19,845; Senior: Php 18,900
Contact Numbers:723.0101 or 727.5419

Hospital / Clinic: The Medical City
Price: Php 21,120* (this may vary depending on the number of ampules used in the procedure)
Contact Numbers: 635.6789

Hospital / Clinic: UST Hospital
Price: Php 16,300; Senior: almost Php 15,000
Note: Need Php 5,000 deposit upon setting the appointment
Contact Numbers:731.3001 local 2354

No nuclear medicine section for the following:
Victor R. Potenciano Medical Center
UERM Medical Center
Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital
UP Philippine General Hospital

I stopped now since I think I have enough on my list. Feel free to comment to add to the list to help others. God bless and stay healthy!

*This will be subject to a 20% discount for senior citizens


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