Thursday, December 15, 2011

3 months in heaven

Three months ago, around this time, you have gone to heaven. We are still in the PICU waiting for Lola, Mamita, and the others to arrive. Tatay and I took turns carrying your body. It was heavy and cold. Your skin on the torso is purplish while your extremites are yellow. They removed the tubes and cleaned you up. They wrapped you in white plastic as we wait for the funeral parlor to pick up your remains.

A lot of people were there to see you. Ninang Ollie and Ninong Patrick, Tito Chris, Tito Manny, Auntie Yvette and Uncle Chito, Tita Grace and Ate Marie, Tita Salie are some of the people who saw you in the PICU. Others waited with Nanay and Tatay at the admitting area: Ninang Claire and Ninong Mike, Tita Janice, Tito Mannix and Tita Gio, Tito Danny and Tita Cecil, Uncle Nilo were there too. We received calls from Lola Lety, Auntie Nina and Lola Doris too.

Ninang Ollie and Lola got clothes for you to wear during the wake. They also picked up Ahiya from school. Ahiya still did not know what happened then.

Tatay and I went with you to Loyola in an ambulance while Ninang Ollie and Lola followed in the car. After which we went home and rested. We went back to Loyola with Ahiya to pick you up. Tatay even combed your hair. (a lot of people commented on your get up and hair) We followed the ambulance to Christ the King.

In CTK, Ahiya saw you for the first time. At first he did not want to look at you in the "special bed". After some time, he did and held back his tears. He just cried in front of Ate Michelle. Ahiya did not cry again after that. He only have good memories of you. He always reminds us of your tricks and your favorite things.

One of the things that help me remember you is this letter written by Teacher Kathy, your physical therapist. You have been together for over two years. Teacher helped you reach your developmental milestones. She is currently in Belgium for further studies.

Everytime I read this it makes me smile and sad at the same time. It is always good to remember the good and happy times. We love you Luc and we miss you so much.

TO YOU, MY ROCKSTAR!by Kathlynne Eguia on Saturday, September 17, 2011 at 10:19am

I was completely shocked when Tatay texted that you’ve finally made your way up there. I did not see it coming. You did not tell teacher. And then I thought, if I knew about it, I wouldn’t have left – and you wouldn’t want that. I am certain you would want me to do better for other kids.

Thank you
-for waiting for teacher to leave before you entered the gate of heavens
-for fighting, so that you’d be able to bring some more happiness into this world
-for being my constant source of good vibes
-for teaching me how to be more patient by crying and whining during our first 6 months after your latest surgery
-for imitating ‘I LOVE YOU’
-for sitting down when I ask you to
-for packing away the small chairs whenever you have to (since you know that I would have to either bend down or kneel to reach them – bad for my back or knees
-for picking up and carrying your own chair whenever we have to start our session
-for laughing with me whenever we’re happy
-for blowing bubbles excellently
-for learning how to strum the guitar and entertain everyone in the center
-for tolerating kneeling even if the position is really uncomfortable for you
-for calming down when I make you watch the cars passing through C5 – through our huge glass window (and for counting them with me although we haven’t mastered counting yet)
-for making me happy by insisting that we sing ‘HEAD-SHOULDERS-KNEES AND TOES’ instead of ‘MY TOES, ME KNEES’
-for walking last DECEMBER 2010 – this was the best Christmas gift you have given me
-for striving hard to be able to say ‘HI’ and ‘BA-BYE’ loudly
-for LOVING ME. Even though you had difficulty in verbalizing your emotions, you found ways to make me feel that I am the best teacher in the world.

I love you LUCAS. And I will forever be grateful for all the good times we’ve shared and for all the LOVE you have given me. I have decided to go on with this fight for you and your classmates. Now that you’re up there, you can watch over us. You will forever be my one and only ROCKSTAR!


P.S.I’m sorry if teacher still keeps on crying. I am just saddened with the thought that it will take a while before I can smell your distinct scent again. I LOVE YOU!


  1. Anonymous11:00 AM

    we love you Lucas Baby!

  2. Sending love and prayers this holiday season as you are missing your precious Luc.